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't know what was going on or couldn't project what would happen. but we were all -- those of us who opposed obama care have been on the air, in print, on television, experts break do you think exactly what would happen. the logical economic consequences. so of course he knew and he chose to spin these untruths. and only now is he now piling on to the private insurance companies for one reason. at the want to say we tried to go private, and they're canceling -- >> they have lower ratings than tv anchors. >> and now the only choice is the single payor. >> how disin-again uhe us, you're in bed with them. you made the deal with them. watching the insurance companies layoff people and say, well, we have to do this -- they wanted all of the new people, they want to have this game. the white house made a deal with the drug companies. whatever acceptance the american people were going to have is whittling away. the question i have is why democrats, people who are hanging on there when bill maher takes apart debra wasserman schultz and tears her apart it for the lie, this is something -- cre
or not eat. we know it's bad for us. it's bad for us. we're adults. >> i think the fda is doing the right thing. >> i think people are smart enough to listen to die particularses and others. >> i think it's a good idea. i think more people ought to be health conscious. >> it's an intrusion on our individual rights. >> make ingredients known and let us choose what we do and don't want to eat. >> right. >> it's stupid. i should be able to eat whatever i want to eat. >> i think that's a horrible idea. everyone loves sweets and all those good stuff. i don't see why they should banned. >> stay away from trans-fat. life is good. >> the public might be mixed but critics say the move will limit choice and drive up prices. not delicious. derek is one of those skeptical and says the government needs to keep its nose out of our business. baker david mcarthur agrees arguing he has a tough enough time keeping up with the taxes and regulations right now. david, here they are poking around in your mixing bowls. >> you know, neil, one of my favorite comments in the world, save us from the good people. al
toys "r" us, best buy, walmart all opening up. and at 8:00 this evening, retailers including macy's, jcpenney, kohl's, and others opening their doors. macy's getting the most attention this year. they were one of the first to announce a thanksgiving day opening. but really this turkey day opening is a trend that started about three years ago, gained traction ever since now, stealing some of black friday's thunder. look, last year, 35 million people went shopping on thanksgiving. the national retail federation is expecting 33 million to do so today and tomorrow the traditional black friday, a record 97 million people are expected to shop. and stewart, here is why. take a listen. >> black friday is synonymous with bargains. and they may not go out thursday, but if they do go out, they're prepared friday to wake up and go out. and retailers will make sure that they have different price points throughout thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. >> reporter: all big shopping days. and consumers are expecting big deals on each and every one of those days. we're talking like red sale signs
things. i'm open the stock exchange so it speaks to us and our strength. and speaks to the company. it's a very well-thought of company. the thing that strikes me about the whole thing is how much money is out there and looking to be put to work in deals which the public thinks is a real good deal. >> pointing out here, the nyse got the deal north nasdaq, which many argued screwed up the facebook offering. whatever people think of this particular stock, and this company, what does it tell you about what could be the appetite for ipos or companies wanting to go public this year? >> even told me especially tech companies, neil, the situation is, this year so far, tech companies have had at least 35% pop. today it was 70%. double that number. so it shows the appetite for people wanting to be in these ipos and feels like back in the internet days when all that excitement happen. all you had to do is fine the right guy to get you an ipo and you can may money. that's what happened with people today. a nice big pop. right about $50 in that stock today. >> here's where the fraud questions come
. >> i had my party hat already and he kind of took that away from us. he is not wrong that the fed is fanning this. but that's their job. that the whole point of quantitative easing or going back to t.a.r.p. they're trying to reignite the flame of the economy. i believe they're starting to succeed in that, which i why i think taper is not a bad thing. rising interest raise or the smoke of the fire, and for equity investors that's a very good thing. >> he has been pretty true to investors close 80 years on the planet. a vulture investor where he fines opportunity or others do not or he can stir up dust and get a big response in the stock so he was already bemoaning amp if it weren't karl ike -- icahn we wouldn't pay as much attention. >> every professional investor has been very intimidated by this bull run. we would call it bulline ya, and there's no alternative, and what carl icahn was pointing out -- i'm concerned about the speed that we have managed to hit 16,000. that's not necessarily healthy thing, but again, carl icahn, if you're a buyer, of course you're going to tell at th
to us security is on target, i found is fascinating he said suggester is fine and in another hearing room someone else is saying it's not okay, and a panel after that said you can't give assurances that the web site is secure. so at it with the multiple people in charge -- we think in charge -- i don't know how they can get their way out of this. >> a dumb question on my part. what if he had been alerted? what could, would should he have done? >> he said he wished he had more time. and i wonder if he knew the full scope of this, from all of the multiple contractors and hough this couldn't possibly be tested. could he have spoken up? it was interested he said to me he did no ask for more time even though he wished he had. i wonder why. did he think based possible the information he was getting he could make the achievable, or if he had known the seriousness, could he have had enough am night to say, you can't make this mistake? i don't know what the motives were among the people within the administration, but clearly they had a heck of a lot of insight -- >> wasn't there fear, sir, th
marketplace. i view this as a loss of my right. >> migrating is the word they use. they were using transition. they were transitioning into a government plan. those that are for this health care law, say folks like you -- the minority and not the majority -- they insist that with subsidies and everything else, you will end up paying about the same if not less. do you qualify for the subsidy? >> okay. i want to say this for the middle class. myself and the middle class. i worked hard my entire life so i wouldn't be a burden on the system. i want to continue to work hard as a baby boomer well past the age of 65. i believe in this country giving me a right to do that. why do i want to go to a health care marketplace and take a subsidy which would further burden this country. i work with low-income seniors. i'm an advocate for them. i fight for their rights. i'm fighting for my rights right now. i want to continue to retain what is affordable to me. that part of what is going on with health care wasn't broke, okay? we were trying to get coverage for people that did not have health care. it does n
. >> i used to pay 2500s to five months coverage. now that may cover two, so just a little bit of a surprise. >> when did you get that surprise? when did they inform you it was going to be some bad news? >> they informed me september 1st, blue cross here in california, that my policy would no longer be valid, and thankfully in the last couple of weeks, blue cross has given me a three-month extension, which i think is more than the president put down in writing. >> the president remarked yesterday about getting a one-year extension and going slow on this. are you part of that? could you be part of that? >> i have no idea. do you know what he is saying? i don't. >> i take that you're concerned and cynical. i would be, too. there are a lot of insurance commissioners and the like telling us that it's not easy putting the genie back in the syringe so folks like you that experience this, it's up to the individual insurance companies whether they want to reverse it, stall, or move on. the best you have is maybe a six-month extension. >> i've got an for sure three-month extension from
question whether it as a rifle. didn't seem like the size of the italian rifle used in the assassination, didn't look big enough. is that your thought? >> yes. that is correct. the package that lee had with him that morning was not long enough to put the rifle in. >> would people be searched or -- if you're bringing in packages of any sort, was there any sort of a checkpoint or security or even a guard following up on people entering the book depository? >> no, sir, not at that time. no one -- there was no checkpoint. >> so you were not -- i think you said you were not a friend of oswald. you helped treason him, he was a fast learner. you said he seemed like a pleasant guy. other reports were that he, when everyone was talking about how the president would be coming by today, he didn't seem to show much interest. do you know anything about that? >> now, i know when we got to work that morning, a man that worked there, junior jarman, he would purchase a paper every morning, and he had the paper, and then when i was there putting the orders on my clipboard, he says, hey, let me show you so
nightmare is in gear. and david miller at laguardia airport where they're using three words today -- get out now. we begin with janice on this arctic blast. janice? >> reporter: yeah, neil. it's going to be tough for the next 48 hours certainly. taking a look at the maps, the storm system right now, as you mentioned, across the gulf coast and heading in toward the southeast, we could see the not only potential for some freezing rain and/or sleet and snow but some severe weather tomorrow as it pushes across the southeast and even into florida. so let's look at our forecast stimulate radar as we move across the southeast up toward the mid-atlantic. the worst of the storm for the big cities, the big cities, the i-95 corridor, is going to be tuesday afternoon overnight into tuesday and interest wednesday. the winds are going to kick in on wednesday, and that's going to mean travel, the air is going to be delayed or there's going to be cancelations. as you see, on the back side of the storm, we'll see a lot of snow. in some cases, upwards of six inches downwind of the great lakes. we already have
'm shepard smith canner for all of us on the fox news deck, have a great afternoon. "your world" is coming up right now. >> suck it in. the usairways and american airlines mr. jerry -- merger is on it. fewer carriers and fewer seats and this thanksgiving what is looking like a lot more crowded planes. so before you bite into the bird, get ready for a travel experience that could prove for the birds. >> welcome everybody, justice has resulted but that does not mean for the flying publicities or at the very least comfort has been served, because while the justice department just okayed the merger of usairways and american airlines do not assume the skies are friendlier, louder, maybe. more crowded, probably, friendlier? let's just say not immediately. casey stiegel is live on some very anxious fliers. sir? >> reporter: you know, this paves the way to what we have already seen between delta and northwest airlines, and then united and continental airlines. now once again usairways and american on track to merge, to create the world's largest airline. that is, of course, if the u.s. bankruptcy cou
-- realistically you can have your dinners before the typical time. use 10:00 a.m. is a good time. >> whatever, and families these days, with the economy being really what it is, we have to be a lot more flexible, a lot more realistic, and sometimes we don't always get exactly what we want. >> a little tough love. obviously 39 or 40 million americans went shopping last thanksgiving day when these guys were doing this. so for shoppers, their customers, they want it. right? >> right. but if you work for a company and you need to work, then you need to work, and if you feel that upset about what is being asked of you, really and truly maybe your need to find -- >> they whine about anything you say there's the door. >> i i'm saying, let's put together -- look at options and alternatives and if you don't want to do the work, certainly with -- better find member else. >> are there no prisoners? doctor, thank youer much. in the meantime, this house democrat says the house republicans are there to gut the health care law. why is this democrat all for it? we're going to ask him. the day we rescued rile
rib locater web site to help your feed your cravings so i guess there's an app for that. allen, tell us how this works? >> so, the way the web site works itself, you go into the site, and if you're looking for a mcrib, you look at the map and look for any little dot, preferably with the check mark because those are confirmed sightings where people send me their receipt. enter your location and it will come up with mcribs. in the northeast, they can't find it. >> i take it you like the mcrib, devoted a great team of time to come up with the technology to find the mcrib. right? >> that's true. i'm a mcrib fan. make even the legend of mcribs. >> i admire that. mcdonald's made a decision this isn't worth it. despite the fact we know it sells a great deal of these mcribs when they come out and we'll pursue this later. they obviously made a financial decision to end it. what drew think of that? >> it's a little odd. there's some fans in the northeast that are really upset coming into me, what do you mean we can't get it? really? >> the friends i have are putting expletives between that. >> and th
move more than 880 million-tons of domestic cargo. charging more to use inland waterways could generate $1.1 billion. on this veterans day, there's the passenger's health care he can program. one decide is making the military and retirees pay more for prescriptions. some of the ideas expected to be part of the discussionses as budget negotiators try to make progress. and they need to show progress before thanksgiving. >> amazing. thank you very much. just a reminder to folks here, if you're no not paying they money before and your paying it now, it's a tax. you can call it a fruitcake, you can call it a cannoli, but it's a tax. >>> instead of looking for more ways to spend, here's a novel idea. try cutting the spending? if you haven't noticed we're $17 trillion in the red. that amounts to more than $116,000 per taxpayer. market watcher larry glazer says it's time for washington to get real and focus less on semantics and doing stuff. but they're not doing that. >> they're not. and regardless how you slice it, you they're a form of taxation, and fees are creeping up at the state and loca
of it is that cold weather apparently reminds us that it is the holiday even and puts us in more of a holiday shopping spirit. and then, of course, there is a simple fact that when it's cold outside you need stuff to keep you warm and people are expected to go out and buy a lot of that this weekend, coats, hat, gloves, scarves, you name it it retailers do want to avoid is wet weather, rain, snow, the kind of stuff that clogs up the roadways and keeps people in their homes. this being a shorter holiday shopping season than usual getting that kind of weather on the weekend could be detrimental to retailers this year more than usual. pretty dry -- pretty wet day here doesn't seem to be stopping shoppers. >> what's going to stop us a little weather? no way. everybody is searching for a deal especially in this he economy. you will still see masses going to the stores. >> i think people want to get out shopping and look around. that's what we are doing. >> check out the specials. >> i will be heading out shopping tomorrow. >> it's the hell day. people are are the in spirit. she just want to shop an
the rollouts. and ralph nader. and we encourage you to tweet us. your one-stop-shop for the best political economic coverage, period. >>> want to switch quickly to toronto, where the mayor of that fine city, the fourth largest in north america, is completing what appears to be a hat trick of mayors gone bad, or appearing to go bad. he is going to admit, we're told, any minute that, yes, indeed, i did smoke crack cocaine. something that he had argued he had never done, was shooing media out of his house, property, a little while ago. that was then. this is now. a bigamy ya cull pa right now. it's -- a big mea culpa. and'm enormous volatility in toronto debt today. another stick could be rudderless. if this rings a built should. san diego, bob filner. detroit, kwame kilpatrick. 28 years now in the slammer. could we complete the hat trick with yet another fool? after this. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'
of money and. and this is just limiting my freedom i think the president told us we could keep our plans, and i think he just lied. i think he lied to push the healthcare through, you know. i think it hurts everybody in the long run. this isn't going to help anybody at all are you able to take at vantage if they approve it of the president's extension the president first proposed. >> i don't know who requesting to pay for the paperwork. those are just words. i don't believe that -- >> amazing. >> i think there is a lot better choices to create a free market and let the insurance companies open up. right now we have four choices from what i can see. and it's limiting everything. and now i have to pay for maternity and a lot of other things that. >> amazing. hang in there, paul, thank you for sharing your story though. you are not alone. we are hearing more like it it meantime be damned. despite the rollout. will that continue? or will obamacare be the grinch that ultimately steals christmas. former ceo of toys r us is with us. what do you think of this premium thing the shock they are get
increase with this. on the picture back here, snow. the colder air is certainly in place behind us and along with this storm we have a threat for severe weather. two tornado watches we're watching. one until 5:00 tonight, the other until 10:00 tonight. be careful across parts of florida. the cold air has been in place so we're seeing a starting out across new york and pennsylvania. we'll start to see warmer air get in here in the next couple hours. we're here right now, we'll move forward over the overnight hours and the temps really yiez here. we'll see temps in the 50s, that means we're talking about rain. look at the snow across parts of mississippi, alabama across the north georgia mountains. and really kind of a central appalachian. it's all rain across the cities. by tomorrow afternoon the bulk of the energy is gone, but the wind will be here all the way through thursday. so get ready for this. we'll see snowfall totals, a couple, up to about a foot or snow maybe more around the buffalo area, and very heavy rain here. flooding concerns and winds that gust to around 50 miles p
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' minds had a lot to do with from us frustration in healthcare, right? >> i think so. you know, a couple weeks ago ken was way behind and nearly caught up. so, i would say it was still an issue. but i think government workers was a bigger issue. sort of like throwing in d.c. people into the race because of northern virginia. that's a completely different story. >> do you think if we didn't have that government shutdown, congressman, that he might have pulled this out? >> yeah. i think so. well, i don't think -- no, i don't think that's the deciding factor but i think in northern virginia it played a role into it i don't think that makes it right or wrong. i think all this race did was prove high expoint that the worse rise to the top. and i think this is the case of what happens so often that people who can be the most negative and appeal to the lowest common denominator and i think this is the reason some people can win and mcauliff had a lot of money. he had corporation money. this whole story, you know, that the rich always support the republicans and the conservatives, i think this p
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